Getting Homekit to work with Vera via Homebridge and Raspberry Pi

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Apple Homekit has been on my radar for a while, but none of my smart home equipment works with Homekit. Homebridge is a service that you can run on a local computer to bridge incompatible devices to Homekit. I chose to buy a Raspberry Pi to run Homebridge, as the rest of my computers are laptops that are not consistently running.

This is not meant to be a step by step guide of installing and running Homebridge or the Homebridge vera plugin, but I will link to those to get you up and running. This is meant to be a review of what to do once you have installed both Homebridge and the Vera Plugin.

Install Homebridge

Install Homebridge. It does nothing without also adding plugins… you can find plugins for cameras, locks, and things like Vera.

Install Homebridge-vera plugin

Install forever

To be able to run Homebridge as a service, I use “forever”. Forever lets you start and stop services, detaching them from your current shell.

npm install forever -g

forever start /usr/local/bin/Homebridge

Making Homekit usable

Apple Home App

Remove devices/scenes from favorites and assign them to rooms

At this point, Homebridge has dumped all of your devices to the “Default Room” and all of the devices are sitting in your favorites. To make things usable, I created rooms in the Home App, and removed all of my scenes and devices from being favorites. To change room and favorites settings for each device/scene, you need to hold down each tile and then click “Settings”.

Create new scenes

I already have scenes set up in Vera, and wanted to be able to utilize these. It is possible to create novel scenes in the Home app, but I will show you how to map your current scenes to Homekit scenes.

Click the + sign at the top of the Home app, then select “Add Scene”. If you chose one of the suggested scenes, you will need to go to the bottom of the screen, then select “Add or Remove Accessories”. The next step is to “Remove All”, then scroll to the bottom and select the Vera scene you want to map this Homekit scene to. That’s it.

These scenes should now show up in the “Favorite Scenes” on the homepage, and be usable by Siri.

Select favorite devices

I have a few devices that I have configured to be favorites… The rest I have hidden, only to be controlled by scenes.

Add more plugins

I have added plugins to work with my cameras and control my thermostats. Have fun, and configure!

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