Apple Homekit with Leviton is mildly acceptable

1 minute read

I don’t pull any punches with my thoughts on HomeKit. While I appreciate that Apple is choosing to play in this space, I feel that the solution that they are backing is limiting. I have over twenty smart lighting switches in my house, and I would sure hate it if all of those switches were congesting my Wi-Fi network.

Moving On…

Leviton has released a HomeKit version of their Smart Home dimmer. The Leviton HomeKit Dimmer is nearly identical to the Z-Wave version that I use in my house (which I love), but connects to your iPhone via Wi-fi. There is no nead for an additional Z-Wave controller, and you can orchestrate behaviors directly from your IOS device.

If you are only looking to control a few lights or other devices, and have a limited budget… perhaps this is an acceptable solution. My feeling is that HomeKit is a gateway product that will open your eyes to a wider ecosystem that is currently available. If you purchase HomeKit switches, and realize that you want a more robust solution down the line, you will eventually need to replace these with Z-Wave swtiches.

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