TIC Speakers and Sonos are killing it in my backyard

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I’ve had two TIC Outdoor Speakers running my backyard for around 2 years now, and am always amazed at the sound quality that these have versus the price. The equivalent Bose speakers are $449 for the pair. For ~$150 for a pair of TICs, it’s pretty much a no brainer. And did I mention that these are the same speakers that are used in theme parks nationwide?

My speakers are burried in a flower bed, and connected to an amplifier using 12v landscape wiring. The easiest solution would be to wire these directly to a Sonos Amp. My setup, however, is a little more complex, as I utilized an old Marantz amp that I had laying around using a Sonos Connect.

Sonos allows you to connect to Amazon Music and stream music directly, so that I can listen to pretty much anything. I also have the Sonos Playbar in my living room, so I can stream the sound from football games in the fall to my backyard as well.

I recorded a short video of these speakers in action in my backyard. This will give you an idea of the sound quality, but the full experience of the sound does not really translate to video. You really need to be around these speakers to realise how powerful they are.

Sonos and TIC Speaker Setup

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