Why Volt Lighting and Z-Wave make for a winning combination

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I love lighting. Outdoor lighting is no different. I think outdoor lighting adds ambiance to the home, makes it possible to enjoy the backyard, and adds a bit of security.

I’ve installed cheap landscape lighting in the past, but I wanted something that would stand up over time, so I did a ton of research and chose Volt lighting. Volt Lighting is a direct to consumer manufacturing company that makes professional grade outdoor lighting systems. The peices that I have chosen are constructed of solid brass, and use long lasting/replaceable LED lightbulbs. This is the stuff that professionals install in high end homes.

Also, this had to integrate with my Z-Wave smart lighting setup, so I picked up a couple of GE Z-Wave outdoor smart switches to drive the AC/DC transformers.

Finished Product

A little bit of accent lighting really transformed our outdoor space. By keeping the lighting warm, the space feels great at night.

Volt Lighting Backyard

Volt Lighting Deck

Volt Lighting Seating Area


Download Spreadsheet

Product Quantity Price Total
Volt Path Light 14 $54.97 $769.58
Volt Spot Light 2 $37.95 $75.90
Volt Deck Light 2 $29.97 $59.94
Volt Transformer 2 $149.97 $299.94
Volt Junction Hub 3 $19.97 $59.91
GE Z-Wave Outdoor Switch 3 $31.99 $95.97
12V Landscape Wire 1 $114.99 $114.99
Waterproof Connectors 2 $11.49 $22.98
Outdoor String Light 4 $88.99 $355.96
Total     $1,855.17


Pictured are two AC/DC converters that convert the 120v AC power that is delivered to your electrical outlets, and converts it to a Low Voltags 12v DC current that is much safer for outdoor use. I have a lot of concreate with stairs and a retaining wall in the back, wich forced me to split the yard in to two zones. Thus, I have two transformers. One fore each half of the yard

North Volt Lighting Transformer

Each of these transformers is left permanently in the “on” position. I then control each of the transformers in an automated fashion using the GE Outdoor Z-Wave switches.

South Volt Lighting Transformer

I used the Volt Pro Connector Hub to bring the whole project together. This is a far superior method, in my opinion, to connecting everything.

In the past, I have wired everything in-line with wire nuts. One word… disaster.

Every light is branched out of one of these three connector hubs. This simplified things a ton. I really only have one wire going from each transformer, then feeding each connector hub.

Volt Connector Hub in ground cover

Volt Connector Hub by pool open

Volt Connector Hub by pool

Volt Connector Hub in rock garden

Volt Connector Hub in rock garden open

Path lighting around seating areas and the pool help define the usable outdoor space in the evening. These lights have a “hat” on the top to prevent light polution at night, but throw the light downward to illiuminate the walking path below.

Volt Path Lighting in

Volt Path Lighting in

Volt Path Lighting in

Volt Path Lighting in rock garden

There are two deck lights that help illuminate walking areas on the deck, as well as help define the space. Volt has several different deck options, including a surface level deck light. You could go either way.

Volt Deck Lights

We have two trees that line the end of the back yard that we highlighted with two spot lights. This is more of an accent, and could easily be eliminated from the budget if not desired.

Volt Spot Light

When using the backyard in the evening, we can turn on the overhead string lights. These really brighten up the backyard.

Enbrighten LED lighting gazebo

Enbrighten LED lighting trees

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